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World stamps witness
the travels of Pope Wojtyla
Fabio Bonacina


PIER PAOLO FRANCINI, News before art
DANILO BOGONI, «Don't be afraid!» cry the stamps too
Publisher's choices
User's guide

Stamps for the Pope from the East
The Pilgrim Pope
Drawings and photographs
One icon for a variety of occasions
With the philatelist in mind
The Pope has come to visit us
Miniature manifesto
Focus on local circumstances
Without forgetting the enthusiasts
Two thousand years of Christianity
25th anniversary celebrations
Birthday stamps
The immediate elaboration of the mourning
The mourning continues
The tradition of the «Vacant See»
The Italian case
Italy as seen by the Vatican

Trips abroad
The first trip: overseas
1 The Dominican Republic I, Mexico I and the Bahamas
The first glance towards East
2 Poland I
«Pilgrimage for Peace»
3 Ireland, the United Nations I and the United States of America I
The meeting with Dimitrios I… repeated
4 Turkey
In Africa, «where hunger is lethal»
5 Zaire I, the Congo Republic, Kenya I, Ghana, Haute-Volta (Burkina Faso I) and the Ivory Coast I
Shadows and lights on the Church
6 France I
Catholics, immigration, and poverty
7 Brazil I
The double homage to Saint Albertus Magnus
8 Germany I
Many different worlds
9 Pakistan, the Philippines I, the United States of America II and Japan
Love, respect, esteem. And more
10 Nigeria I, Benin I, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea
In Fatima, a year after the attempt on his life
11 Portugal I
The Falklands-Malvinas war breaks out
12 The United Kingdom
Buenos Aires makes stamps warfare too
13 Brazil II and Argentina I
A homage to work
14 Switzerland I
All were there listening to him
15 San Marino
From the past Inquisition, from the future Europe
16 Spain I
From Nicaragua a …military set
17 Portugal II, Costa Rica, Nicaragua I, Panama, El Salvador I, Guatemala I, Honduras, Belize and Haiti
Jaruzelski and the appeal for peace
18 Poland II
From Lourdes an embrace to those suffering persecution
19 France II
The Ottomans and Europe
20 Austria I
The vitality of the Church wishing to renew itself
21 The United States of America III, South Korea I, Papua New Guinea I, the Salomon Islands and Thailand
The quest for unity at international level
22 Switzerland II
In the steps of Jacques Cartier
23 Canada I
The adventure of Christopher Columbus
24 Spain II, the Dominican Republic II and Puerto Rico
Solidarity and dialogue
25 Venezuela I, Ecuador, Peru I, Trinidad and Tobago
There's «a great need for unity»
26 The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium I
Flourishing churches, solidarity and dignity
27 Togo, the Ivory Coast II, Cameroon I, the Central African Republic, Zaire II, Kenya II and Morocco
An important stop for collectors
28 Switzerland III and Liechtenstein
Why this trip?
29 India I
Guerrilla warfare and drugs
30 Colombia and Saint Lucia
At least for one day, let arms be laid down
31 France III
Seek the truth, even among differences
32 Bangladesh, Singapore, the Fiji islands, New Zealand, Australia I and the Seychelles
Behind the scenes of the diplomatic controversy
33 Uruguay I, Chile and Argentina II
Do not forget the past
34 Germany II
The shadow of the president
35 Poland III
«May God bless America»
36 The United States of America IV and Canada II
The initial outcome
37 Uruguay II, Bolivia, Peru II and Paraguay
Speech in Mauthausen
38 Austria II
The condemnation of Apartheid, despite the unexpected event
39 Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique
From Strasbourg to Europe
40 France IV
Focus on marital loyalty
41 Madagascar, Réunion Island, Zambia and Malawi
In the land of Luther
42 Norway, Iceland, Finland, Denmark and Sweden
With youths at the millennium end
43 Spain III
USSR, North Korea, China, Timor
44 South Korea II, Indonesia and Mauritius
A challenge for solidarity from Sahel
45 Cape Verde, Bissau Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso II and Chad
Freedom rediscovered
46 Czechoslovakia I
The ice has melted
47 Mexico II and the Dutch Antilles
Peace talks
48 Malta I
The ills of Africa, progress defeated
49 Malta II, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and the Ivory Coast III
Back to Fatima, with a different perspective
50 Portugal III
Concern for the future
51 Poland IV
The Pope and youth
52 Poland IV and Hungary I
Democracy, the favelas and children
53 Brazil III
Thirteen million slaves
54 Senegal, Gambia and Guinea
Half a millennium of Evangelisation
55 Angola, São Tomé and Príncipe
Following the tracks of Christopher Columbus
56 The Dominican Republic III
The most difficult leg of the journey
57 Benin II, Uganda and Sudan
The Country of the eagles and of escape
58 Albania
As in 1982, more than in 1982
59 Spain IV
The youth of the US
60 Jamaica, Mexico III and the United States of America V
A kind of home-coming
61 Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
In Zagabria, thinking of Sarajevo
62 Croatia I
The youth and devout from the East
63 The Philippines II, Papua New Guinea II, Australia II and Sri Lanka
«I beg for the forgiveness of Non Catholics»
64 The Czech Republic II and Poland V
Stop wars!
65 Belgium II
Condemnation of nationalism
66 Slovakia II
South African apartheid is behind us
67 Cameroon II, South Africa and Kenya III
The UN fifty years on
68 The United Nations II and the United States of America VI
Peace, war and the road to democracy
69 Guatemala II, Nicaragua II, El Salvador II and Venezuela II
The door to Islam
70 Tunisia
In the independent Country
71 Slovenia I
To Germany, reunited
72 Germany III
Celebrations for the millenarian monastery
73 Hungary II
A purely Pastoral visit
74 France V
Finally in Sarajevo
75 Bosnia and Herzegovina I
The relevance of Saint Adalbert today
76 The Czech Republic III
No to external interference
77 Lebanon
Ten busy days
78 Poland VI
The young, and the Huguenots too
79 France VI
The family and the suffering as protagonists
80 Brazil IV
Together with 2,700 foreign journalists
81 Cuba
The Trappist Monk and human rights
82 Nigeria II
Giving a Christian face back to Europe
83 Austria III
The controversy concerning the Beatification of Stepinac
84 Croatia II
Resisting the culture of death
85 Mexico IV and the United States of America VII
In Bucharest with the Orthodox
86 Rumania
From Danzig to Czestochowa. Then 2000
87 Poland VII
Return to independent Slovenia
88 Slovenia II
The difficulties of the Asiatic journey
89 India II and Georgia
In the footsteps of Abraham
90 Egypt
In the Holy Land at last!
91 Jordan, the Independent Palestinian Areas and Israel
Fatima and the «Third Secret»
92 Portugal IV
Saint Paul's route
93 Greece, Syria and Malta III
A much awaited visit
94 Ukraine
After 11th September a choice between good and evil
95 Kazakhstan and Armenia
Between present and past
96 Azerbaijan and Bulgaria
Symbols and risks
97 Canada III, Guatemala III and Mexico V
Different assessments
98 Poland VIII
«Let peace be with you, Spain!»
99 Spain V
The various sides
100 Croatia III
Ivan Merz and the war
101 Bosnia and Herzegovina II
A tired Pope
102 Slovakia III
«I too was twenty once»
103 Switzerland IV
Sick among the sick
104 France VII

Travelling with... covers

The author

N.B.: the roman numerals indicate, according to the official list, the number of times the Pontiff returned to the Country specified

ISBN: 88-85335-84-5
Cod. 1890EN
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408 pp. - 836 colour illustrations of postage stamps and souvenir sheets - 40 pictures with the key moments of the Pope's life and travels - format 13,5 x 21,5 cm - high quality glossy paper - hardbound in colour - printed 2006
series "History through documents"

With kind permission, the numberings in Michel, Scott, Unificato, and Yvert & Tellier catalogues are given
Valuations not included

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