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World stamps witness
the travels of Pope Wojtyla
Fabio Bonacina

The main characters: the journeys
This work considers the 104 journeys that the Vicar of Christ undertook outside Italy throughout his Papacy, following the criteria put in place by the Holy See.
A chapter is dedicated to each journey in chronological order, presenting details of the postal issues distributed for the occasion, and ideally retracing the itinerary followed by the Pontiff. Both the issues produced by the countries that hosted the Pope over time and, at the end of each chapter, those issued by the Vatican in connection with the same itinerary are reproduced and described.
For the countries that received him, the research has involved the periods immediately before and after the visit up to approximately one year after the event: in fact, various realities, rather than announcing the experience, prefer to comment on it afterwards. In some cases, therefore, both focuses are highlighted.
The Vatican, on the other hand, has always upheld its own tradition: it waits a certain length of time - usually one or two years - and then it issues a commemorative series, generally dedicating a stamp to each itinerary. For example, the five projects completed in 1999 (Mexico and the United States together, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, India and Georgia) are celebrated with the same number of copies, which came out on the 1st September 2000. Sometimes more general subjects are added, as happened on the 3rd December 1981: alongside the places visited the previous year we have the papal coat of arms (50 lire) or His Holiness giving a blessing (900 lire).
To define the historical moment and provide further details in order to take both the journey and the circumstances in which it took place into consideration, a brief account of the visit is also given through the writings of journalists at the time or, subsequently, of the experts.

Not just a pastoral viewpoint
The creation of this collection aims to go further. Various visits were distinguished by one or more prominent themes, commemorated by special stamps issued around the time of the Pontiff's visit.
These include historical anniversaries, events, religious ceremonies that are worth noting: they are not strictly linked with the Pope's visit - although the Pope himself is involved - but they can help us fully understand its context.
His first stay in Argentina, from the 10th to the 13th June 1982, had one main motivation: to attempt mediation between Buenos Aires and London, divided by the bloody Falkland-Malvinas conflict. Of course, the South-American country highlights the presence of the Bishop of Rome on the 12th June, but the issues also help us understand the climate at the time, such as those from the 22nd April where the islands are shown as being Argentinean.
Another example: from the 6th to the 16th October 1989 the Pilgrim visited, in order, South Korea, Indonesia and Mauritius. Seoul did not issue any special stamps, but on the 4th October an 80 Won commemorates the 44th International Eucharistic Congress, organised in the Asian capital and attended by the Pontiff.

References for collectors
This book considers all of the official stamps and souvenir sheets issued by a certain reality.
In order to facilitate research for collectors, with their kind permission, the corresponding numbering in the (in alphabetical order) Michel, Scott, Unificato and Yvert & Tellier catalogues has been included for each stamp presented.
Note that there are no valuations of the items described and/or reproduced in the book. You can refer to the aforementioned catalogues for this.

ISBN: 88-85335-84-5
Cod. 1890EN
- EUR 22,00
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408 pp. - 836 colour illustrations of postage stamps and souvenir sheets - 40 pictures with the key moments of the Pope's life and travels - format 13,5 x 21,5 cm - high quality glossy paper - hardbound in colour - printed 2006
series "History through documents"

With kind permission, the numberings in Michel, Scott, Unificato, and Yvert & Tellier catalogues are given
Valuations not included

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