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World stamps witness
the travels of Pope Wojtyla
Fabio Bonacina

Many stamps have been dedicated to John Paul II.
This book describes and reproduces in colour the stamps and souvenir sheets connected with the 104 travels completed by the Pope outside Italy - official stamps and souvenir sheets issued by both the countries visited and the Vatican City to commemorate the visit or the themes (historical, political, religious, social…) connected with the visit of the Pontiff.
This study also includes the issues that do not directly concern the stay, but which refer to events or celebrations that the Pontiff recalled or participated in during his stay.
There is a chapter for each journey with the description of the visit and the themes dealt with, a brief account of the social and political situation, reproduction of the stamps connected with the journey.
47 opening pages illustrate the key moments in the life of Pope Wojtyla through the many stamps that were dedicated to him (for the Holy Year, the 25th year of Papacy, stamps for his birthdays and for his death, the vacant Papal See, Italian stamps and Vatican stamps, exhibitions and much more).

Forewords by

Pier Paolo Francini
Head of the Philatelic and Numismatic Office
and Curator of the Philatelic and Numismatic Museum Governorship - The Vatican

Dietmar Fiedler
President of the «St. Gabriel» World Union

Danilo Bogoni
President of the Italian Association
for Religious Philately «St. Gabriel»

ISBN: 88-85335-84-5
Cod. 1890EN
- EUR 22,00
Offerta speciale
EUR 11,00

408 pp. - 836 colour illustrations of postage stamps and souvenir sheets - 40 pictures with the key moments of the Pope's life and travels - format 13,5 x 21,5 cm - high quality glossy paper - hardbound in colour - printed 2006
series "History through documents"

With kind permission, the numberings in Michel, Scott, Unificato, and Yvert & Tellier catalogues are given
Valuations not included

3 edizioni - 3 editions - 3 Ausgaben